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Cindy Miller comes to MMFS with an extensive background in management, customer service, and accounting. Whether working with corporate America or locally owned small businesses, she recognizes that all of them have the same basic principles: service, profitability, respectability.

Cindy has also been a manager in the non-profit community. Charged with budgeting, forecasting, staffing, inventory control, and customer service; led the local chapter to being number one in the Nation for profitability in the auto donation division while meeting or exceeding budgetary requirements.

Cindy’s goal with MMFS is to put her knowledge to work for the men and women of our US military family so that they can achieve their goals of being self-sufficient and profitable business owners. And do so with a laugh every now and then!

When not working, Cindy loves to relax by watching old movies and the History Channel and playing cards with friends. And, being a Buckeye, following Ohio State Football. Go Bucks!

Cindy Miller
T:  (833)-444-VETS
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